We’re an African led organisation, for Africans.

Our relief services include:

  • Case Work to Support Individuals & Families
  • A Safe Space for African Youth to Visit & Hang Out
  • 1-1 Mentoring by African Mentors to Support & Give Guidance to African Youth
  • Community Space to Hire for African Groups in Need
  • Work Placement to Support Students Career Development
  • Recreational Programs to Support Emotional & Social Development

Get in touch with us if you would like support for yourself or for another young person of African descent and/or their family

We welcome partnerships with other organisations also!

Since 2016, we have worked hard to help kids from African descent grow and develop through:

  • mentoring
  • education 
  • cultural recreation

If anyone would like to join our African Youth Leaders Committe, please reach out to us. This is open to 12-22 year olds.

Email us at –